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Intercultural Communication

Writing and Speaking English in a Multicultural Environment

Course only in English

Hours per Week:


Credit Points:



Very high proficiency level in English (minimum level: B2-C1)

Type of Course:

Seminar with active participation and elaboration

Frequency (WS/SS):

Winter- und Sommersemester

Work Load:

120 total hours:
20 contact hours,
100 hours for preparation and elabaration of interview, paper and talk.

Study Programme Goals:

Improvement of language competence in English (C1) and communication skills required for the increasing internationalization of the IT industry as well as work in multicultural project teams.

Course Goals:

The course learning goals:

  • Formulate effectively in English in business and technical environments
  • Compose a technical publication in English

Key Qualifications:

  • English language proficiency (written and oral)
  • Explanation of technical details in English
  • Technical writing in English
  • Competence in oral presentations
  • Ability to work independently
  • Strategies for acquiring information
  • Interdisciplinarity

Course Contents:

Each course participant will select an own technical topic as the focus for the course. There are three tasks:
  • A fifteen-minute inverview in which the course participants elaborate on their topic and answer any questions
  • An eight-page (ca. 5000 words) written research report in the specified format of a technical publication
  • A fifteen-minute oral presentation on the research findings


Some material provided by course instructor.
Course participants are encouraged to acquire their own relevant sources.


Writing Assessment: Research report  (ca. 5000 words, 60%),
Speaking Assessment: Oral Presentation (15 min, 40%),
based on the interview a bonus (APO § 20) is possible.

Auxiliary Means:

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