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Information Management Challenge

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Hours per Week:


Credit Points:



Type of Course:

Project seminar with presentations

Frequency (WS/SS):


Work Load:

150 Hours, including
65 contact hours
85 hours for preparation and review of course materials in project work

Study Programme Goals:

The module directly supports the goal: transfer of knowledge ... for the development, the deployment and operation of networked information processing systems in different application fields.

Course Goals:

  • Professional competence: The students develop the knowledge in real and current problem areas of Wirtschafts-/Informatik.
  • Methodical competence: Ability to analyze business problems and to develop there for a reasonable/useful organizational and/or IT technical solution
  • Social skills: organization, planning, task allocation and decision making in a team

Key Qualifications:

  • Teamwork,
  • Problem solving (creative problem, solving analysis and classification of problems, identifying solutions),
  • Thinking (abstract and logical thinking),
  • Dealing with scientific literature,
  • Writing (academic writing),
  • Present (presentation skills, professional presentation),
  • Organizational competence.

Course Contents:

During the course, together with a company, a current problem of the company is analyzed by the students and a solution approach is worked out. Depending on the problem, the solution approach can be a concept, a software prototype, or both. The students work together in teams that competing for the best approach. The teams receive coaching from the lecturer. Each group is finally presenting their result, which is judged by jury consisting of professors and company representatives, along with the written elaboration. A ranking with all groups will be provided.


depending on topic


Should you have any questions regarding the current challenge in the summer semester, please do not hesitate to contact Prof. Groß (rainer.gross@th-nuernberg.de).


Presentation (45 minutes) followed by discussion and elaboration (15 pages) for each subject. Presentation and elaboration result in 50% of the overall grade. Attendance is compulsory.


Prof. Dr. Groß / Freudenthaler

TH Nürnberg
Fakultät Informatik

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