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Practice of Software Tests of Embedded Systems

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Basic knowledge in embedded systems

Type of Course:

Block course

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Study Programme Goals:

The increasing interconnection and integration of systems mainly Embedded systems place new challenges not only for the development also for the test of such systems. The test of the systems is manly done by Engineers. The knowledge about software test provided by this course increases the expertise to solve problems and improves the skills for interdisciplinary collaboration.

Course Goals:

Students can apply the software test for embedded systems in practice. The focus is on understanding functional tests and applying the Hardware In The Loop (HIL) test method. Students should be able to recognize and evaluate the processes of test activities and their efforts within the development process of embedded systems. Students should be able to evaluate the possibilities and advantages of the HIL test procedure. Furthermore, they should also assess and evaluate the limits of the test procedure. By means of examples the user of the test drives and test systems is explained to the students in practice. The terms in the ISTQB Glossary are used as in the course "Fundamentals of Software Testing".

Course Contents:

  • Motivation for software test with the focus on Embedded Systems
  • Classification of the testing in the context of the development process
  • Repetition of the basic test process
  • Repetition of the stages of test and kinds of test
  • Introduction into the HIL test method (technical development, use cases, process, …)
  • Classification of the HIL test method in the context of the test process
  • Explanation of the structure of a HIL test system (including real-time systems of different suppliers)
  • Illustration of the functions of the different parts of the test system (e.g. real-time model, processing of the tests)
  • Presentation of the tool environment of a HIL test system
  • Explanation of test automation
  • Presentation of different test cases and the realization by the example of the automotive electronic control unit
  • Realization of an example test case from the requirements over test specification to the test implementation and the test result
  • Illustration of the interfaces to other test methods
  • Illustration of the limits of the HIL test method
  • Execution of practical examples


Grünfelder, Stephan.: "Software-Test für Embedded Systems - Ein Praxishandbuch für Entwickler, Tester und technische Projektleiter", dpunkt.verlag, 2013


written examination - duration: 90 min


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