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Hours per Week:


Credit Points:



Knowledge of business administration from bachelor degree

Type of Course:


Frequency (WS/SS):

Winter- bzw. Sommersemester

Work Load:

150 hours:
65 hours contact time and
85 hours for preparation and postprocessing of the subjects plus exercises

Study Programme Goals:

Methods to improve the ability to abstract and the ability to analyse

Course Goals:

Knowledge of electronic government and its environment; ability to judge the impact and the amount of uses in electronic government; knowledge and ability to analyse practice of electronic government with examples; ability to work out concepts for electronic government.

Key Qualifications:

Ability to work independently.
Strategy to gain knowledge.
Analyse and categorize problems.
Creative problem solving.
Ability to hold presentations.

Course Contents:

  • The interest of E-Government
  • Which areas are covered
  • Processing of a case study or of a project

In this course we cover the subject and environment of electronic government with presentations and case studies or with a project.


Specific to the topics of the seminar


Presentation 50 min; 70%
Student project 20 min; 30%


Prof. Dr. Schuhbauer

TH Nürnberg
Fakultät Informatik

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