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IT in the Construction Industry

Course in German and/or English (inquiry recommended)

Hours per Week:


Credit Points:



Basic BI, ERP, GNSS knowledge or knowledge in the field of construction can be useful, but is not mandatory.

Type of Course:

Lecture and ideas competition

Frequency (WS/SS):


Work Load:

150 hours, including:
65 hours attendance,
85 hours preparation and post-processing

Study Programme Goals:

Application and deepening knowledge in the field of applications. Apart from that interdisciplinary reasoning should be trained. Outlining the cross-connections between business and IT.

Course Goals:

At the end of the course students should have a thorough knowledge of topics covered in the course. They should know relevant terms and definitions and should be able to use them appropriately. Apart from that students should be able to apply their new skills to practical problems. Soft skills will be encouraged by teamwork. Students should be able to adopt new knowledge in the covered field by various learning methods (e. g. teamwork, discussions, literature research, experimental testing). In addition, interdisciplinary reasoning will be trained.

Key Qualifications:

Ability to independently analyze, classify and solve problems. Social competences.

Course Contents:

The students get a deep insight into the following topics:
- use of modern IT in the construction industry
- process organisation in the construction industry
- use and development of satellite-supported machine and guidance systems
- analyses with business intelligence


• Kress, André/ Staufer, Jonathan/ Rausch, Peter/ Schreiber, Fritz/ Stumpf, Michael: A GNSS-based approach to demolition and deconstruction. In: PositionIT, August 2016, South Africa.
• Rausch, Peter/ Schreiber, Fritz/ Diegelmann, Michael: GNSS for material flow control and landfill management. In: PositionIT, Mar/Apr 2014, South Africa.
• Rausch, Peter/ Schreiber, Fritz/ Diegelmann,
Michael:Closed loop controlling approaches for projects in the earth moving and road construction industry; in: Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Machine Control and Guidance, March 9th-11th, 2010, University of Bonn.
• Rausch, Peter/ Schreiber, Fritz/ Diegelmann, Michael: New controlling system for earth moving and road construction, in: PositionIT, Aug/Sept 2010.
• Rausch, Peter/ Schreiber, Fritz/ Diegelmann, Michael:Effiziente Prozessgestaltung im Erd- und Straßenbau durch den Einsatz von satellitengestützten Entscheidungsunterstützungssystemen; in: Wirtschaftsinformatik, 50. Jg., H. 4, 2008.


Due to the project character of the course the number of participants is limited to 16. Fundamental SAP knowledge desirable.


Written report and presentation


Prof. Dr. Rausch

TH Nürnberg
Fakultät Informatik

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