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Bionic Computation in Business

Course in German and English

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Statistics, Supply Chain Management, Marketing, Finance and Investments

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Work Load:

150 hours:
65 hours physical presence
85 hours preparation of course materials and case studies

Study Programme Goals:

The analysis and application of bionic algorithms to business problems enables students to develop their logical abstraction capabilities.

Course Goals:

Analysis and Application of bionic computationary methods to problems in enterprises.

Key Qualifications:

Abstraktionsvermögen und Analysefähigkeit

Course Contents:

Advanced study of computational methods, which mimic biological systems in Nature and their applications to solve problems in enterprises:
  • Evolutionary Computation
  • Artificial Neural Netzworks
  • Swarm Intelligence (e.B. Ant Algorithms)


  • “Evolutionary Computation: A Unified Approach”, De Jong, K. MIT Press 2016.
  • “ANTS 2016, Proceeding of 10th International Conference on Swarm Intelligence”, Dorigo, M., et. al, Springer 2016
  • “Ant Colony Optimization”, Dorigo, M., Stutzle, T, MIT Press 2004.
  • “Swarm Intelligence and Bio-Inspired Computation”, Yang, X.S., Elsevier 2013.
  • “Swarm Intelligence: Principles, Advances and Applications”, Hassanien, A., Alamry, E., Taylor and Francis 2015.
  • “Deep Learning (Adaptive Computation and Machine Learning)”, Goodfellow, I. et. al., MIT Press 2017


Literature and lecture in English


Projectseminar: Development, presentation (45 Min.) and written documentation (10 pages) of a software modell in Bionic Computation, either in English or in German. Weight: 50% presentation, 50% written documentation.


Prof. Dr. Brockmann

TH Nürnberg
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