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Electronic Commerce

Course only in English

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Course contents of modules and sub-modules Fundamentals of Information Systems

Type of Course:


Frequency (WS/SS):


Work Load:

150 hours:
65 contact hours
85 hours preparation and review of course materials

Study Programme Goals:

Integration of business process management concepts with technical skills to analyse and design internet-supported information systems.

Course Goals:

Students gain a deep unterstanding and explore meaningful uses of Electronic Commerce in enterprises.

Key Qualifications:

Analysis of enterprise requirements and design of technical concepts to solve problems.
Development of presentation skills.
Practice using English in a technical setting.
Team skill working in a project group.

Course Contents:

Project-based application of concepts of the digital transformation in order to develop an original e-Commerce business plan
  • Design Thinking in the development of new business models
  • M-Commerce: mobile and location-based applications
  • Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Applications of Machine Learning in E-Commerce
  • Gamification in E-Commerce
  • Improving User Interfaces with Eye-Tracking
  • Global Aspects of e-Commerce
  • Ethical Aspects of e-Commerce
Other appropriate topics as suggested by students.


"E-Commerce: Business, Technology, Society", Laudon, K., Traver, G.  Prentice Hall 2019.


This class is held mostly in English. Attendance is mandatory.


Development, written and oral presentation of a concept for an e-Commerce application,  to be delivered in English or German (10 Pages). Presentation 30 Min. Weight: written 60%, oral presentation 40%


Prof. Dr. Brockmann

TH Nürnberg
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